Agriculture Services

We Kisan Drone Experts

The best feature of KISAN DRONE is “Ghanto ka Kaam Minnto may” where a single drone can cover max of 35 acres in a single day. Using simple automatic programs, you can take off, command drone to follow the path and fly hi spraying the farms.

Agriculture Services

A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that is fited with various spraying equipment

Faster Than Ever

Our drone services provide you with a skilled UAV pilot training that will provide aerial drone spraying task.

We use the Industry Best material with Latest design

Agriculture Service

A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that is fited with various spraying equipment.

Seed Spreading

Just changing the botton tank with seed spreading tank is a easy task with same frame.

After Sale Service

We provide the best after sales service. we are always here to hear your problems and attentive to solve it.

Kisan Drone Features

One Body, Strong and Durable
Definitive Tank 10-16 Litre
Integrated Power Supply wiring
ARMS Folding and Locking System
IP67 Waterproof body.
Re-enforced power plug

Kisan Drone Product Parameter


Feature Specification
Motor X6, 6215
Propeller 23-24 Inch
Supply Voltage 12S
Max. take-off Weight 25kg
Wheelbase 1404mm
Opening Size 1495*1308*500mm
Folding Size 945*848*500mm
Tank Capacity 10L
Frame weight 5kg


Feature Specification
Motor X8, 8118
Propeller 28-32 Inch
Supply Voltage 12S
Max. take-off Weight 36kg
Wheelbase 1628mm
Opening Size 1720*1500*556mm
Folding Size 1073*956*556mm
Tank Capacity 16L
Frame weight 7kg

Kisan Drone Package

Flight Controller K3APro (Dual GPS) K3APro (Dual GPS) K++V2
Transmitter SIYI DK32 Skydroid T12 (CAM) Skydroid H12 (CAM) Display
Tank 12 Litres 12 Litres 12 Litres
Battery 16000 Mah * 6 18000 Mah * 6 22000 Mah * 6
Flow Meter
5 Litre Water pump
Fast Charger
Spraying System
HEXA Copter Frame
3 CW X+ rotor
3 CCW X+ rotor
Propeller Lock

Android APP

Full Automatic Operations

1. Android mobile phone ground workstation, Control and adjust drone’s flying parameter, provide google map, check FPV video.

2. Support hand held GPS dot device,RTK dot device,Drone GPS dot and Map for choosing, set up Automatic, semi-automatic AB working mode, flying height, spray mode, flight line spacing, flying speed, Terrain following, automatic obstacle avoidance, course adjustment, fail-sail back.

3. Query job record, flight time, spray width, dose etc.

4. Fully Advanced and automatic operations.

5. Can Adjust the spray volume as per the requirement.

Kisan Drone Optional Accessories

Y-Type Nozzles
Walkie Talkie
Tool set
UP 1100 Watt Fast Charger
Flight Controller
LIPO Battery
Brushless Pump
Flow meterr
1080 PC Fast Charger
Pneumatic Pipe
Worker Clothes
Remote Control

Kisan Drone Complete View


Drone flying looks like a easy task but it is not. So a 5 days training program is conducted by company under the guidance of highly experienced drone pilot who has sprayed 300 acres of land. We help Farmers to educate them about Kisan Drones and provide spraying related work in their local working area.

On Field Training Provided

While they might seem like toys, a high-quality drone is a serious investment. We’ve flown plenty and there are a lot of good perfomers that we use.

Why Choose Us?

Our Mission and Vision

Company Vision is “Har Khet Drone” meaning aiming to take latest technology to all farmers.Company is on mission to achieve vision by providing kisan drone, services and educating the farmers.

Our Ground Experience

Company is well experienced with Agriculture drone and the best part of this company is they spent time with Kisan drone pilots on ground while spraying pesticides on plants to gain the knowledge and ground experience. The only company to have 4 years ground experience in flying agriculture drones.